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Devlog – Gift-wrapped Python

Cellular Automata with Python

I am interested in exploring game design focused around simulating a game world using Cellular Automata.

Conway's Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life

Using Python I have implemented Conway’s Game of Life. The code for the project can be found in this Git Hub repository:

The code is still quite rough around the edges with plenty of TODO statements to be found.

Creating a Python Packagae

Usually I would dump my code in a folder and call it a day but for this project I decided to try and follow standard Python practice as much as possible.

This talk from Dave Forgac was a great resource:

The process of using Virtual Environments, Cookie Cutter and Tox integration testing tools was well explained.

I ran into some difficulty getting my Cython code to build correctly as this was outside the scope of the video.

After some searching I found the solution was to update the manifest file to include the code:


The Autumn CA package provides Cellular Automata computing through NumPy arrays.

Other tools such as rendering engines could import this package.

Most of the work in the short term will be ensuring the code works as a standard Python package.