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Experimenting with AirConsole


AirConsole allows for local multi-player in web games. On a big screen you connect your browser to the AirConsole site and then multiple players can connect their phones or tablets and use them as controllers.

I love local multiplayer games and AirConsole makes it really easy to get a party game going as everyone generally has a phone in their pocket to use as a controller. There’s more info on the AirConsole site:

I’ve started work on a project with AirConsole. I’ve set up my dev environment and got a Hello World program created using a tutorial from Phaser:

You can try the Hello World yourself using my site here:

HTML5 Maze

I have written a maze game using HTML5. It should be compatible with any recent browser including mobile browsers!
HTML5-Maze Screenshot

HTML5-Maze Screenshot

Move using the arrow keys, WASD or by pressing the buttons on screen. The interface will react if the browser window’s dimensions change (e.g. if you rotate your phone from portrait to landscape). The interface will try and draw the maze as large as possible while ensuring that it remains a square and there is some space on screen for the interface. Check the game out here: The source code for the game can be found here: