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Learning Web Assembly #2

Another milestone in my journey to learn Web Assembly has been achieved. I have created a cellular automata that runs in real time within the browser:

Try it yourself here:

Source code can be found in this repository:

Goals for Next Time:

For my next project in the series I would like to:

  • Use multiple threads.
  • Use ’embind’ to link the C methods to javascript as opposed to writing all the helper functions by hand.
  • Improve the user interface.

Looking for underground bunkers to rent…

The future is made of virtual reality. Soon there will be no sound apart from the occasional thwacking of controllers hitting furniture.

WebVR with Babylon JS

Babylon JS is a 3D graphics library targeting HTML Canvas with WebGL. It includes support for WebVR and with relatively minimal setup you can get the controllers working in a simple VR space:

WRM Controller in BabylonJS

WRM Controller in BabylonJS

That’s a screen shot I took from within a virtual reality session running inside a web browser!

I’m working on a simple game of Simon Says to test the VR waters. You can follow the progress in the repository here:

The main goal of the project is to create a ‘base game’ that can be adapted to future projects. Learning the Babyon library is great. It astounds me that you can get high quality 3D graphics out of a web browser without needing to download any additional plug-ins.

Smell You Later Cell-u-later…

My work with Cellular Automata with Python hit a brick wall.

I was using Cython to run the expensive inner loops with C. This gave great run-time speeds.

Unfortunately I was unable to package the code so that it could be easily downloaded from repositories. After editing what seemed like a thousand config files I was burnt out.

I am still interested in using cellular automata to create a game similation. I hope to try and get something running in future using Web Assembly. It has the promise of C-like speed with the ease of distribution of a website that runs in the browser.

AirConsole RTS Devlog – Map Generation

I’m working on a Real Time Strategy game for Air Console. I’m working out the gameplay mechanics before deciding on the theme. There will be a map of nodes with links between them on the screen and players will control the nodes with their personal device and use them to attack other player’s nodes. Each player will see the data on the nodes they control on their controller and any ongoing battles will be displayed on the big screen.

My time so far has mostly been spent setting up my development environment and figuring out how to structure the project. I am using Brackets to write my Javascript and Closure to compile it. While Javascript is an interpreted language using this tool from Google will optimize it.

I have started work on the map generation:

RTS map

The map is a set of nodes with links between them. Nodes can attack other nodes if they are linked. Right now 2 planets are linked together if there are no other planets between them. In future versions I will add more complicated rules to link planets and try to position the planets so they look less like they’re on a grid.

Tutorial – How to Use a USB Xbox 360 Dance Mat with Windows 10

I have written a tutorial that explains how to set up a USB Xbox 360 Dance Mat to work with Windows 10.

Find the tutorial here:

it’s great for games like Step Mania

Konami DDR Mat

A compatible mat would look something like this.

Maybe in future I’ll make a game designed with dance mats in mind!

Bogey Green Golf Development Log

I have started a development log for my latest work in progress Bogey Green Golf. Bogey Green Golf will be a simple 3D minigolf game.  It will be my first attempt at making a 3D game so I expect to learn a lot and I will share all I learn on my development log.
Getting the ball rolling with a dimpled golf ball!

Getting the ball rolling with a dimpled golf ball!

You can follow the development log on tumblr or TIG Source Forums with these links:

Spacebomb Featured on Game Jolt

Spacebomb was made a featured game on Game Jolt. I added the Game Jolt API to the build posted there so you can earn Game Jolt trophies and post high scores if you have an account there. Check it out: A few people made Lets Plays of the game as well: All the Lets Plays posted can be found on the Spacebomb page in the games section: