DevLog: One Step Forwards – Two Steps Back

The development of the Flower Plower prototype is currently on pause.

Flower Plower started 5 months ago with the hopes of making a ‘quick prototype’ that would give me a chance to develop my tools and frameworks so that future games could be prototyped more quickly.

The overall design of the game was not completely solid. I had some vague ideas of how things would work but changed my mind as things progressed. The design of the project changed from Pacman to Chu Chu Rocket.

While I still really like the idea for Flower Plower as a simulation puzzle the process of converting the code from how it was designed for a maze running arcade game to a puzzle game is getting in the way of the initial goal for the game: Optimize my Unity Workflow

The work I have done so far on Flower Plower was by no means a waste of time as I was focusing on code that I can re-use for any game.

I have taken the code that I developed for Flower Plower and re-purposed it for a new game. Now I can focus on building my tools and solving the problems relevant to many games rather than refactoring classes and staring at compiler warnings.

The idea for the new game is kinda dumb so I’m really excited to work on it!