Hash Screenshot

Hash screenshot

Hash is a game based on Hashing Algorithms. On screen there are nine boxes that can be used as storage. Instructions will appear along the right hand of the screen. Instructions consist of an arrow and a data item (a square made up of four colours). A blue arrow pointing towards the storage boxes is an insert instruction. To complete this instruction, click one of the storage boxes and the data item will be stored in that box. A red arrow pointing away from the storage boxes is a remove instruction. The data item along with it refers to one of the data items you have previously stored in a storage box. To complete this instruction, click on the correct storage box and the data item will be removed. If the data item is not found in the storage box you clicked an error will be displayed, delaying you. The time it takes to remove or insert an item from a storage box depends on how many data items are in that box. To succeed you must efficiently manage your storage. If there is no more room in the instruction queue the game will end.



Download hash.zip below and unzip it. https://www.goshdarngames.com/game-files/hash/hash-exe.zip Within the zip you will find a hash folder with hash.exe within. Run this executable to launch the game.


Download the source code (instructions below) and run ‘hash.py’.

How To Play:

Use the mouse to left click on the storage boxes in order to perform the instruction at the bottom of the instruction queue. Source Code: Full source code can be found in this GitHub repository: https://github.com/flembobs/Hash Libraries Required: Pygame – (http://www.pygame.org)