Namespaces and classes in Javascript

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I am currently working on a game for Air Console. It’s a cool platform for local multiplayer web games.

So far most of my time has been spent experimenting with HTML5 game frameworks. For this project I have settled on the CreateJS suite. It seems to be functional, minimal and up to date.

I have also been learning a bit more about how to organize a HTML/javascript application. Javascript doesn’t have special keywords for ‘class’ or ‘namespace’. Everything is done using functions, which left me scratching my head and wondering how you’re supposed to manage a large codebase without constantly running into name conflicts.

There were two articles I found helpful. The first is a simple rundown of some common ways to use Javascript’s functions like a class:

The second article explains a slightly more complex concept that allows you to create namespaces within Javascript. This allows you to encapsulate all the variables in your app within a single root var, which helps reduce the chance that one of your variables is defined in another module.

The article features my new favourite piece of technical jargon: Self-executing anonymous function. It’s a phrase that would strike terror in a student’s heart if it appeared at the top of a lecture slide.

Experimenting with AirConsole

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AirConsole allows for local multi-player in web games. On a big screen you connect your browser to the AirConsole site and then multiple players can connect their phones or tablets and use them as controllers.

I love local multiplayer games and AirConsole makes it really easy to get a party game going as everyone generally has a phone in their pocket to use as a controller. There’s more info on the AirConsole site:

I’ve started work on a project with AirConsole. I’ve set up my dev environment and got a Hello World program created using a tutorial from Phaser:

You can try the Hello World yourself using my site here:

Tutorial – How to Use a USB Xbox 360 Dance Mat with Windows 10

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I have written a tutorial that explains how to set up a USB Xbox 360 Dance Mat to work with Windows 10.

Find the tutorial here:

it’s great for games like Step Mania

Konami DDR Mat

A compatible mat would look something like this.

Maybe in future I’ll make a game designed with dance mats in mind!

Bogey Green Golf Development Log

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherI have started a development log for my latest work in progress Bogey Green Golf. Bogey Green Golf will be a simple 3D minigolf game.  It will be my first attempt at making a 3D game so I expect to learn a lot and I will share all I learn on my development log.
Getting the ball rolling with a dimpled golf ball!

Getting the ball rolling with a dimpled golf ball!

You can follow the development log on tumblr or TIG Source Forums with these links:

Spacebomb Featured on Game Jolt

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherSpacebomb was made a featured game on Game Jolt. I added the Game Jolt API to the build posted there so you can earn Game Jolt trophies and post high scores if you have an account there. Check it out: A few people made Lets Plays of the game as well: All the Lets Plays posted can be found on the Spacebomb page in the games section: