Scratch Snake Tutorial – Section 11 – Conclusion

This page is part of the Snake in MIT Scratch Tutorial.


This tutorial has presented the design and Scratch implementation of the classic game Snake

First an abstract design was created in order to decide what features the game would have. Designing things on paper is a good chance to consider potential challenges as it can be more difficult to fix things once code has been created.

Each of the planned features was described in its own chapter. As things move from the realm of abstract design to concrete Scratch scripts things can often become more complicated as it is necessary to work within the restrictions of the Scratch environment.

Throughout the tutorial each part of the solution was presented as having two components:

  • Data Structures: The variables that are used to describe the current state of objects.
  • Algorithms: The step-by-step procedures that are used to transform the state of the objects.

Many complex systems can be understood by examining these components.

Games development is a great way to learn the process of software development.

May you have success in your future programming projects!

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