Unity Beginner’s Game Tutorial – Index

This tutorial will cover the creation of a basic game using Unity. The game we will make is very simple. The player controls a yellow square with the arrow keys and must avoid touching red squares for as long as possible. The amount of time the player has survived will be displayed and a high score will be saved on the user’s machine. A playable version of the game we will make can be found here:


  1. Creating the project.
  2. Importing the assets.
  3. Creating a ‘man’ that can move.
  4. Restricting the character’s movement to the bounds of the display.
  5. Recording and displaying game time
  6. Creating moving enemies.
  7. Destroying enemies when they go off screen.
  8. Detecting collisions and moving to the game over screen.
  9. Displaying and storing the high score.